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When I said that I was only taking 10 weddings a year people thought I was crazy. How could you stop doing the thing your good at?

Well I don’t see it that way at all. By only taking 10 weddings a year it allows me to be more creative and a spend more time with each client.

And in the case of Dorie and Paul…… allows me to book a wedding 2 weeks before the big event.

As soon as I got on the phone with Dorie I knew we were going to have a good time. Dorie and Paul have been together for 12 years and decided last minute that it was the time to “get hitched”. I am just so glad I was available to shoot their intimate affair!

They were married this past Saturday at Toronto City Hall.




As soon as I saw this wall I knew I had to shoot it……..and that dress! Couldn’t be more perfect!





The evening ended at Le Select Bistro……….perfect setting for these two!


Thank you Dorie and Paul for making me a part of your day.

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Joanne and Eric and I met for the first time via skype. They where in Dubai on a job and wouldn’t be back to Canada for a couple months. But even from that first conversation I knew they had come to the right place. They will be married June 14th at The Rectory Cafe on Toronto Island. So why wouldn’t we start our barebonelove session on the ferry?







No birds were harmed in the making the following image……




I cannot wait to be a part of this wedding day!

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So you may have noticed that I have been absent from the blog for a little while.

Well……I needed some down time…..but now I’m back and refreshed and ready to blogdigitty blog!

Over the holiday break I went to one of the most inspiring and fun workshops I have ever had the pleasure of attending.


Not only did I learn a lot about gear and technique, But I also was refreshed in mind and spirit. And  the partying until 4:30 every night was also good for the soul!

Mystic consists of 300 “students” and 15 speakers and presented by Walter Van Dusen.

Some of my favorite speakers were:

Dave and Quinn from DQ studio’s ~ fantastic shooters and people  ~ techie info galore ~ Thank you David for introducing me to evernote ( Yeah Canadian’s!!!!!)

David Williams ~ who’s presentation makes you cry no matter how tough you are. ~ Thank you David for reminding us to take images of our lives………not just our clients.

Story Wilkins ~ Wonderful to have finally met her……now I see what all the fuss is about, not only a talented photographer but also an amazing person. She hails from Toronto….so nice to see so many Canadians @ Mystic

Jerry Ghionis ~ This man has so much energy and love to give……you can’t be in a room with him and not want to give him a hug. Plus his work is stunning!

Tri-Coast ~Cody and Mike put on an amazing demonstration about off camera flash that I actually understood…….which is a HUGE accomplishment seeing that my massive learning disability involves #’s and memory. ~ Plus they are incredibly down to earth funny human beings!

Here are some shots to accompany the gushing! ( I didn’t bring my camera out often… there aren’t very many shots…..but these ones get the point across….we had a TON of fun!)

This is Tim Forbes……..his work is stunning check it out here.


This is Harold from FINAO he gave me a ride home on the way back to his place in Detroit. And the girl kissing Harold is Wendy my roomate @ Mystic…….you can check out her work here.


This is Julie is is an honorary Canadian from Alabama! You can check out her work here. She is coming up to my little world in July to help out with a wedding….can’t wait!


This is Jerry…..see I told you you just have to hug him!


And the ever present pint of Stella……..


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Wishing you and your families all the best.

We will be back in the studio on January 7th.

We will be out of town from January 2nd to the 6th at the Mystic 5 Workshop.

I’ll be learning from some of the best photographers in the business. I can’t wait to bring back new knowledge and start making your photography experience even better for 2010!


If you need to contact me during this time email is the best way, will be checked everyday.

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I spent this past Saturday afternoon with Josee and Peter. I really can’t believe this is my job. I  get to hang out with some of the coolest and sweetest people. ( I’m actually going to be writing a blog shortly about how an increasing amount of clients are becoming a part of the barebonefamily!)  AND I get to do my favorite thing in the world, take pictures.

Josee and Peter will get married this coming January at the Rosewater in Toronto.

Here are some of my favorite images.










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Sky+Raph couldn’t have picked a more amazing location for their wedding.

It was the very first wedding at the newly renovated Royal Conservatory of Music AND my last wedding of the year……….what a way to end my 2009 season!

Inside the concert hall was STUNNING!


Sky’s dress was a perfect fit!


Raph was channeling 007 in this shot!



There was amazing architecture everywhere!


I think this next one is my favorite…… was taken in the concert hall.


So right before the bedeken I introduced myself to the Rabbi and asked if he has any “rules” for photography. And he turned to me and said…….”Yes if you wouldn’t use a flash I would appreciate it.” Now were talking November 28th when the sun sets at 4:30 and we were in a  candle lit glass box!!!! I must say I had a moment of “oh crap”…..but then I remembered my wonderful Nikon D3 with it’s 6500 iso and my 50mm 1.8 lens. Without the “banning of the flash”. I wouldn’t have shot the following ceremony shots….and in my opinion…..I ROCKED the no flash rule!

A lovely moment during the Bedeken (veiling ceremony)




Sky looks like an angel in this shot!





I love this ring shot!


Thank you Sky and Raph for picking me to document your one of a kind event.

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Well….this seams like a long time coming but I only got back a week and a half ago.

I just wanted to do Lisa and Adam’s wedding justice. So I’m spreading it over 2 days. This will be my biggest blog post EVER!


Paula and Lisa getting ready


Only Adam could make this look hot!


Adam was made to endure the Chinese custom of performing tasks to win the brides favor…… is a speedo sporting stranger taking pictures of the crew.


Paula and Heather posing with the envelopes…….Lisa’s value $88.88.


The ceremony





I love the colors in this shot.


Lisa looking stunning and sooooooo happy!


Adam didn’t look  half bad in his GQish suit.


What a moment!


The ladies


The gents


I LOVE this shot!

hotnessThe reception


This shot explains the entire evening!


Tune in tomorrow for the day after session………………….

Thank you Lisa and Adam and family and friends for making me a part of your week in Mexico.

Here  is a Sneek Peek of what is to come tomorrow………


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Erin and Jeff got married at La Hacienda Sarria just over a week ago! I still can’t believe I sat in the crowd while one of my dear friends got married……..needless to say there were tears!

While my good friend Chris did the official photography………I was able to sneak Erin and Jeff away for some shots of my own. To read the back story…… here.

Both Erin and Jeff are very easy to photograph………but the light I got the evening of their wedding was breathtaking…….thank you light gods for shining down on us that day.

The results speak for themselves………








I just had to put this one in of Chris……from Click Photography. She was the official photographer for the day!

Wedding Location: La Hacienda Sarria
Officiant: Don Perron
Florist: Erin Carpenter
Decorator: Erin Carpenter
Gown: Maggie Sottero
Jewelry: Krmaris, Yorkville
Shoes: Dyeables
Grooms Suit Designer: Joseph Abboud

Thank you Erin and Jeff for allowing me to squeeze some barebonestyle into your wedding day!

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Catherine and Jon were married at the Arts and Letters club in Toronto three weeks ago.

The thing that impressed me the most was how much of themselves they put into the wedding. It truly was a UNIQUE wedding.


When I first saw Catherine it took my breath away…….I knew her dress was going to be stunning…..but this one of a kind dress by Bethany Foster Bridal Couture was AHHHHHHHHMAZING!


The details rocked!




The groom and his shadow………..


Killer car……had to use it in some shots!


Wedding Location: Arts & Letters Club
Officiant: Connor Sean Bill (from All Season’s Weddings)
Florist: Jo-Ann Hepburn
Decorator: To Suit Your Fancy
Gown Designer: Bethany Foster of Bethany Foster Bridal Couture
Jewelry: Bethany Foster of Bethany Foster Bridal Couture
Shoes: Bride~ Doc Martens Groom ~ Chuck Taylor Converse
Grooms suit Designer: Malabar Costumes
Cake Designer: Dorio’s Kettleby Bakery (also have a surprise Groom’s cake coming in from a friend of the family – Bel Gelman)

Thank you Catherine and Jon for choosing us to be a part of you day!

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P.S. Catherine and Jon’s wedding was featured on Rock ‘n Roll Bride… can check it out here.

So I met Erin……oh 4 years ago. She hired me to shoot the cover of her vocal CD.

And the rest is history. She has become a great friend.

When she told me she was engaged I was so excited! But she told me that she wanted to me to be a guest at their wedding and not “working”. So I had to figure something out. Because I would cry if I couldn’t shoot Erin on her wedding day…….so in come Chris Kufske from Click Photography. Another good friend of mine……I thought if Chris could shoot the wedding…..maybe she would let me shoot for an hour to get the as Erin puts it “barebonelook”. Well Chris was free and Erin loved her……and now I can shoot my good friend Erin on her wedding day and still drink and dance the night away! I so can’t wait.

Here are some shots from their barebonelove session.

I am IN LOVE with this first shot…..can’t stop staring…….oh and you may notice from now on all the vertical images are going to be made horizontal I had some requests from some blog stalkers with smaller monitors……I guess everyone doesn’t have a 24″ like me……enjoy!




I think this one truly captures Erin and Jeff….with wine and Watson!


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