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How can it have been almost a year since I shot this amazing barebonelove session?!?!?!?! Mary Jo and Joe have been one of the easiest couple I have ever had the pleasure of working with.
Mary Jo has such amazing style and they both completely trust what I do………a combination that makes my job as a photographer so easy.
Theses are some of my favorite images to date.





I can’t wait to post their wedding pictures and shoot their up coming belly portrait!!!! Whoo Hoo! The ever expanding barebonefamily is a very happy one :)
Thank you Mary Jo and Joe for having such trust in my vision.


So I have a talent for finding locations. We could be in the middle of nowhere….somewhere I have never been before….and find a location that is perfect.

I have been know to find a perfectly covered pallette factory in a rain storm and a funky little tapas joint is a town that only serves burgers and fries.

Just ask my assistants……they will tell you.

The day of Justin and Kaitlyn’s wedding was no different. They got married in an amazing Church in St. Thomas. And the reception was at The Oaks in Delaware.

I was vaguely familiar with the area.

On the way to the church from the bride’s house we got a little turned around and stumbled onto an abandoned house and barn in the middle of nowhere. I quickly put it in the memory banks. And on the way back we stopped for a quick shoot.

But when we turned the corner around the barn and found a pink door and some golden rod……..I squealed with delight! Yep, I get excited about the weirdest things…….including old barn doors with cracking pink paint on them.

Below are the results of this said find.

Oh and why the shot of the shoes? When you have shoes this cool…..the best ones I have EVER seen…..they need to be shown at every opportunity.





Don’t forget to come back next week for another best moment of 2011!


I’ve been told I have a knack for finding locations no matter where I am. This day was no different. We stumbled across this abandoned barn when I got a little lost on the way to the reception.

I fell in love with this location… that pink door was made for Kaitlyn.

I loved everything about this wedding. Especially Kaitlyn’s shoes… who wouldn’t look at those sparkly Kate Spade pumps! Seriously… favorite wedding shoes EVER!

I just had to include this last shot… I can’t remember why they were making this face. Probably when I told them I was done for the night :).  Anyway it was too cute not to include.

Thank you Kaitlyn and Justin for choosing barebonephoto to be a part of your wedding day.


Ceremony Location: First United Church, St Thomas, ON

Reception Location: The Oaks Golf Club, Delaware, ON

Caterer: The Oaks Golf Club

Florist: Patzee’s Floralscapes

Gown Designer: Nicholas & Elizabeth Bridal, London, ON

Tux Designer: Raffa Tailors, Toronto, ON

Cake Designer: The Cake Box, Kitchener, ON


Oct 25, 2011

Deb and Simon and their crew were so much fun to hang out with on their wedding day.

Deb’s style and grace was something to be in awe of… she was stunning.

It was a joy to be a part of their day.

The Details

Ceremony Location: Light Presbyterian Church, Mississauga, Ontario

Reception Location: Columbus Event Centre

Florist: Flour Studio

Gown Designer: Blu Collection by Mori Lee

Tux Designer: Banana Republic Monogram Collection


Were going to be introducing a couple of new products in the next little while.

The first is 3×3 accordion books.

They come in sets of three { perfect for gift giving } were offering them for the introductory price of $150. The regular everyday price will be $200.

So if your looking for a Christmas gift for your friends and family…..take advantage of this price now! It will only be good for 30 days.

I made one using Henry’s pictures and I can’t stop looking at it. There are only 2 of the three books in this image below because my husband Bill stole one before I could get a shot.


We have several different designs. I’ll be posting them on the facebook page later this week.



We even have designs that would work for weddings.


If you want a set made just email us at

If it tickles your fancy……please leave a comment.


Coolest venue I have shot at in awhile the Enoch Turner School house.


Have I ever told you how much I love tiny bridal parties?


The details were to die for.



This little chair was a replica of their actual chairs… fun!


Thank you Whitney and Jeff for choosing barebonephoto to be a part of you day.

If  it tickles your fancy…….please leave a comment.


Their first look…….




Meghan and Alex, thank you for having us document your amazing day!

Emma+the barebonecrew!


I can’t believe my son Henry is 9 months old! It seems like just yesterday I was shooting my last wedding with a giant belly and swollen feet.

He has to be one of the easiest babies……he sleeps/eats and giggles.  { you can cross off the sleeping…..he has had a relapse in the last couple of days. Oh and the teething……his last episode had all four top teeth come in….that was fun. }

His latest development is crawling and couch surfing. I knew this day was coming and I have been dreading it. Up until now I’ve been able to plop him down in one spot and get some work done.

But now…….not so much work. I try to get a bit done everyday. Check a one or two things off my list.

So as promised I will now admit that I am not a super mum! { To check out waht I’m talking about go to my fellow Photographer Chenin’s  blog post }

I routinely go until 2pm without showering. I eat my son’s left over banana cereal because I don’t have time to make my own. I secretly fantasize about running away for a couple days just to get some work done. I keep trying to give my son a soother hoping that one day……..he will take it back and I will no longer be his personal pacifier. I could go on.

I thought being a wedding photographer was action packed…….I had no clue what being a mum would require a degree in Psychology and 6 months cardio training.

I love my son. Henry has brought more joy to my life in 9 months than my entire 35 years has given me. But he sure does keep me on my toes.

And now I must run because he is just about to pull the tray out of the blueray player and my loving husband will have a heart attack.

Enjoy the pictures…….



_BBP8937 copy

_BBP8834 copy

Now for some out takes……

Crawling is making this harder.


Sometimes he isn’t even in the shot. I want to get this one as a HUGE canvas for Henry’s wall.


Like I said I have about 3.5 seconds to get the shot now.



If it tickles your fancy….please leave a comment.

Megan and Alex will be tying the knot this August at the RCYC. So we headed out to the island a couple of weeks ago to scout some locations for the big day.












The end…….

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Well the babymoon is over and I’m officially back to work.

I photographed Maggie + Rafal back in August of 2009. I think it was a test……they soon were engaged and I was booked to shoot their wedding.

Even though my fingers almost froze off during the outdoor photo session…..I think we manages to get some pretty cool shots.

Maggie’s attention to detail made my job so easy. Everywhere you looked there was something to take a picture of.



Maggie’s eyes are stunning in this shot.


Rafal sure knows how to make a picture come alive.


The details where amazing!



Love this last one…….


Thank you Maggie and Rafal for letting me document your amazing wedding.

If it tickles your fancy……..feel free to leave a comment.