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Sky+Raph couldn’t have picked a more amazing location for their wedding.

It was the very first wedding at the newly renovated Royal Conservatory of Music AND my last wedding of the year……….what a way to end my 2009 season!

Inside the concert hall was STUNNING!


Sky’s dress was a perfect fit!


Raph was channeling 007 in this shot!



There was amazing architecture everywhere!


I think this next one is my favorite…… was taken in the concert hall.


So right before the bedeken I introduced myself to the Rabbi and asked if he has any “rules” for photography. And he turned to me and said…….”Yes if you wouldn’t use a flash I would appreciate it.” Now were talking November 28th when the sun sets at 4:30 and we were in a  candle lit glass box!!!! I must say I had a moment of “oh crap”…..but then I remembered my wonderful Nikon D3 with it’s 6500 iso and my 50mm 1.8 lens. Without the “banning of the flash”. I wouldn’t have shot the following ceremony shots….and in my opinion…..I ROCKED the no flash rule!

A lovely moment during the Bedeken (veiling ceremony)




Sky looks like an angel in this shot!





I love this ring shot!


Thank you Sky and Raph for picking me to document your one of a kind event.

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