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Josee and Piotr were married just over a week ago on what could quite possibly be one of the coldest day of the year!

We had so much fun with this bridal party……they even let me do my “mug shot” poses. And they where just as excited with the images as I was……..which is always fun!

Josee and Piotr loved this shot from their barebonelove session so much, that we replicated it on the wedding day!

The white wall in this shot makes quite a few appearances during their shoot……I LOVED the shadows that were cast on it by the afternoon light!

toronto wedding photographer3609 Josee + Piotr ~ o1.3o.2o1o ~ The RosewaterI love this next shot.

toronto wedding photograph copy Josee + Piotr ~ o1.3o.2o1o ~ The Rosewater

toronto wedding photographer3632 Josee + Piotr ~ o1.3o.2o1o ~ The Rosewater

Mug shot right…..

toronto wedding photographer3595 Josee + Piotr ~ o1.3o.2o1o ~ The Rosewater

These walls at Union Station are a new favorite location!

toronto wedding photographer3581 Josee + Piotr ~ o1.3o.2o1o ~ The Rosewater

toronto wedding photographer3582 Josee + Piotr ~ o1.3o.2o1o ~ The Rosewater

I couldn’t decide which one of the following images I loved the most………there is that wall again!

BBP2553 Josee + Piotr ~ o1.3o.2o1o ~ The Rosewater

BBP2563A Josee + Piotr ~ o1.3o.2o1o ~ The Rosewater

toronto wedding photographer3613 Josee + Piotr ~ o1.3o.2o1o ~ The Rosewater

When I walked into the Rosewater my breath was taken away! Crystal  of Distinct Occasions did an amazing job!

toronto wedding photographer3635 Josee + Piotr ~ o1.3o.2o1o ~ The Rosewater

Too many details to count!

toronto wedding photographer4649 Josee + Piotr ~ o1.3o.2o1o ~ The Rosewater

Wedding Planning : Distinct Occasions

Location : Rosewater Supper Club

Make-up : Erin Carpenter

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signature 600x279 Josee + Piotr ~ o1.3o.2o1o ~ The Rosewater

So you may have noticed that I have been absent from the blog for a little while.

Well……I needed some down time…..but now I’m back and refreshed and ready to blogdigitty blog!

Over the holiday break I went to one of the most inspiring and fun workshops I have ever had the pleasure of attending.


Not only did I learn a lot about gear and technique, But I also was refreshed in mind and spirit. And  the partying until 4:30 every night was also good for the soul!

Mystic consists of 300 “students” and 15 speakers and presented by Walter Van Dusen.

Some of my favorite speakers were:

Dave and Quinn from DQ studio’s ~ fantastic shooters and people  ~ techie info galore ~ Thank you David for introducing me to evernote ( Yeah Canadian’s!!!!!)

David Williams ~ who’s presentation makes you cry no matter how tough you are. ~ Thank you David for reminding us to take images of our lives………not just our clients.

Story Wilkins ~ Wonderful to have finally met her……now I see what all the fuss is about, not only a talented photographer but also an amazing person. She hails from Toronto….so nice to see so many Canadians @ Mystic

Jerry Ghionis ~ This man has so much energy and love to give……you can’t be in a room with him and not want to give him a hug. Plus his work is stunning!

Tri-Coast ~Cody and Mike put on an amazing demonstration about off camera flash that I actually understood…….which is a HUGE accomplishment seeing that my massive learning disability involves #’s and memory. ~ Plus they are incredibly down to earth funny human beings!

Here are some shots to accompany the gushing! ( I didn’t bring my camera out often…..so there aren’t very many shots…..but these ones get the point across….we had a TON of fun!)

This is Tim Forbes……..his work is stunning check it out here.

mystic528411 Holiday Break ~ Mystic 5 and Brain overload!

This is Harold from FINAO he gave me a ride home on the way back to his place in Detroit. And the girl kissing Harold is Wendy my roomate @ Mystic…….you can check out her work here.

mystic528331 Holiday Break ~ Mystic 5 and Brain overload!

This is Julie is is an honorary Canadian from Alabama! You can check out her work here. She is coming up to my little world in July to help out with a wedding….can’t wait!

mystic528421 Holiday Break ~ Mystic 5 and Brain overload!

This is Jerry…..see I told you you just have to hug him!

mystic528241 Holiday Break ~ Mystic 5 and Brain overload!

And the ever present pint of Stella……..

mystic52801 Holiday Break ~ Mystic 5 and Brain overload!

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signature 600x279 Holiday Break ~ Mystic 5 and Brain overload!

Erin and Jeff got married at La Hacienda Sarria just over a week ago! I still can’t believe I sat in the crowd while one of my dear friends got married……..needless to say there were tears!

While my good friend Chris did the official photography………I was able to sneak Erin and Jeff away for some shots of my own. To read the back story……..click here.

Both Erin and Jeff are very easy to photograph………but the light I got the evening of their wedding was breathtaking…….thank you light gods for shining down on us that day.

The results speak for themselves………

BBP2849 Erin+Jeff ~ 11.14.o9 ~ La Hacienda Sarria

EJBLOG5 Erin+Jeff ~ 11.14.o9 ~ La Hacienda Sarria

EJBLOG4 Erin+Jeff ~ 11.14.o9 ~ La Hacienda Sarria

EJBLOG6 Erin+Jeff ~ 11.14.o9 ~ La Hacienda Sarria

EJBLOG3 Erin+Jeff ~ 11.14.o9 ~ La Hacienda Sarria

EJBLOG7 Erin+Jeff ~ 11.14.o9 ~ La Hacienda Sarria

EJBLOG8 Erin+Jeff ~ 11.14.o9 ~ La Hacienda Sarria

I just had to put this one in of Chris……from Click Photography. She was the official photographer for the day!

CJBLOG2 Erin+Jeff ~ 11.14.o9 ~ La Hacienda Sarria
Wedding Location: La Hacienda Sarria
Officiant: Don Perron
Florist: Erin Carpenter
Decorator: Erin Carpenter
Gown: Maggie Sottero
Jewelry: Krmaris, Yorkville
Shoes: Dyeables
Grooms Suit Designer: Joseph Abboud

Thank you Erin and Jeff for allowing me to squeeze some barebonestyle into your wedding day!

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So I met Erin……oh 4 years ago. She hired me to shoot the cover of her vocal CD.

And the rest is history. She has become a great friend.

When she told me she was engaged I was so excited! But she told me that she wanted to me to be a guest at their wedding and not “working”. So I had to figure something out. Because I would cry if I couldn’t shoot Erin on her wedding day…….so in come Chris Kufske from Click Photography. Another good friend of mine……I thought if Chris could shoot the wedding…..maybe she would let me shoot for an hour to get the as Erin puts it “barebonelook”. Well Chris was free and Erin loved her……and now I can shoot my good friend Erin on her wedding day and still drink and dance the night away! I so can’t wait.

Here are some shots from their barebonelove session.

I am IN LOVE with this first shot…..can’t stop staring…….oh and you may notice from now on all the vertical images are going to be made horizontal I had some requests from some blog stalkers with smaller monitors……I guess everyone doesn’t have a 24″ like me……enjoy!

ej1 Erin+Jeff ~ barebonelove

bbp1167 Erin+Jeff ~ barebonelove

ej2 Erin+Jeff ~ barebonelove

I think this one truly captures Erin and Jeff….with wine and Watson!

bbp1228 Erin+Jeff ~ barebonelove

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So why am I posting today’s wedding 4 hours after having shot it?

Well #1 it was local and #2 I got some killer shots and #3, tomorrow I have to pack for my trip to Newfoundland.

Leanne and Kevin were so easy to shoot and they were so willing to let me see something and work it through to the end. Amazing…….I love clients that share my vision and see that the end result is worth the extra effort! I am in love with all the images below…………enjoy!

bbp6987 Leanne+Kevin o7.18.2oo9

Ellis Chapel is so great to shoot!

bbp6991 Leanne+Kevin o7.18.2oo9

I love this family shot!

bbp6990 Leanne+Kevin o7.18.2oo9

These last four shots make my heart happy…………this is one of those days where I truly know I have the best job in the world!

BBP5044 Leanne+Kevin o7.18.2oo9

bbp6993 Leanne+Kevin o7.18.2oo9

BBP5167 Leanne+Kevin o7.18.2oo9

bbp6976 Leanne+Kevin o7.18.2oo9

Thank you Leanne and Kevin for choosing me to document your wedding……………it was truly a pleasure!

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If you haven’t already noticed. I have a new section on the blog……..Friends.

If you roll over that tab you will find a list of vendors that I LOVE to work with.

Erin Carpenter is the first victim.  And she is, in my opinion the best make-up artist in Ontario.

If you haven’t yet booked a make-up artist…..book her now!

Go ahead…..go into the friends section and check her out!

Over the next little while I will be adding more vendors that  I adore……..Next up Karen Smallbone!

And because I can never post with out a picture…….here is another shot from this past weekend!

bbp1953 copy Look up Wayyyyyy up!

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