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 dsf4725 My first wedding of the season.

This year I started out my season “second shooting” for another photographer. Second shooting is a great opportunity for a photographer to try new things and get different angles

bbp1958 copy My first wedding of the season.

bbp1955 copy1 My first wedding of the season.

 dsf5014 copy My first wedding of the season.

bbp1824 copy My first wedding of the season.

I knew from the moment I met Megan and Levi we would become good friends………they were married 2 years ago this July.

Since then they have had a little baby boy Adam and have another one on the way.

I was just going through their wedding pictures and thought…….ooooohhhh I would love to see what this looks like with all my new tricks on it.

So here is the result!

 dsc1285 Revisiting Old Friends........

If your a previous Bride and Groom of barebonephoto and just LOVE the new barebonestyle. Send me an email and maybe I’ll have some fun with one of your images! It would make a great anniversary present!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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05.09.2009 Wedding Trends

 dsf0233 685x1024 Wedding Trends

So I get asked all the time…how do you keep up with the wedding trends?

Well I am obbsessed with wedding blogs and sites!

Here are a few of my favorites!











Hope you find these links useful.


What do I do on weekends?

Hang out with really huge dogs!

The Great Dane-a-thon is held every year in Cambridge to help the Danes in Distress.

Our friends Dave and Nichole asked us to come out and support. So we did  and I brought my camera…….of course!

Here are some pictures from the event!

bbp1368 Great Dane a thon!

bbp1269 Great Dane a thon!

bbp1325 Great Dane a thon!

bbp1282 Great Dane a thon!

This one is Daisy the Black Lab trying to fit in!

bbp1322 Great Dane a thon!

And Skye her sister not knowing what to do with all the giant dogs……..she was one of the smaller ones there!

bbp1293 Great Dane a thon!

bbp1345 Great Dane a thon!

The photography industry is constantly changing and keeping up with it can be a full time job in itself.

A couple times a year I try to do something to edumacait myself.

This year I thought I would do my first workshop ever. And who better to loose my workshop virginity to than [b]ecker.

[b]ecker is an incredibly inspiring photographer from California. Not only does he take great pictures. ( you can check them out at www.thebecker.com.) But he is an amazing business person. And has always been driven to share his knowledge with other photographers and that has turned into www.thebschool.com.

Well I learned a lot at his first ever Canadian workshop and I hope to be putting some of the thinks I learned into action shortly.Thanks [b] for all the ideas and inspiration!

But of course this wouldn’t be a blog post without pictures!

Me and [b]ecker

bbp0007 [b]ecker Kicking A$$ workshop!

[b]ecker showing us how he shoots his relaxed portraits.

bbp0005 [b]ecker Kicking A$$ workshop!

Our “models”for the day Melanie and Justin Driedger

bbp0002 [b]ecker Kicking A$$ workshop!

Love this shot of [b]ecker!bbp0003 [b]ecker Kicking A$$ workshop!

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picture 1 Accepted into ISPWP

I would try to explain what this means……..but I will let them do the talking!

Quite simply, the best wedding photographers in the world

The ISPWP is a rarity among online wedding photography directories. We’re small. We’re exclusive. We’re picky. We have high standards for membership. We are a worldwide group of top professional wedding photographers who have the experience, talent, and reputation to deliver outstanding wedding photography to our clients.

When you hire an ISPWP photographer, you are hiring with confidence because every member has met our high standards for membership:

Members must have shot at LEAST 50 weddings as a lead or solo photographer. Many of our members have shot hundreds of weddings. Some of our members are Pulitzer Prize winners and Pulitzer Prize finalists. Some of them serve as teachers or mentors for new photographers. All of them are market leaders and are have been dedicated to their craft for years. Wedding photography is not a field where you want your photographer to be learning on-the-job. When you hire an ISPWP photographer, you know you’re hiring the solid experience of a true professional who can deliver quality results time after time, year after year.

Members must have their website and online portfolio reviewed and approved by a committee of ISPWP members. We look at representative samples from at least three weddings to get a sense of how a photographer sees, thinks, and captures the events of the whole day. As wedding photographers, we look at wedding pictures every day. Most of us are involved in online communities of photographers so we are exposed to thousands of wedding pictures every year. When a photographer is accepted into the ISPWP, you can be sure they have received a seal of approval from fellow wedding photographers.

Members must have no active complaints with the Better Business Bureau or other consumer protection organization.
Sometimes experience and talent don’t necessarily mean that someone follows good busines practices and customer service. Every ISPWP member has a stellar record of providing reliable and trustworthy service to their clients.

Members must operate under the strict ISPWP Code of Conduct.
This provides protection for both the client and the photographer. It also ensures that ISPWP photographers operate their businesses with accepted industry practices.

Members must provide at least 2 client references and 2 photographer references, or have an ISPWP Sponsor.
This ensures that all members have the respect and recognition from their peers in the community.