I’m Emma, the backbone of barebonephoto.

I’ve been photographing families and for 23 years.
Taking pictures for me is like breathing.
And the most important thing to me is  family.
For years now I have been calling the people that I capture with my camera the barebonefamily.
Second only to my own family, is the barebonefamily.
For most of them I have been there since the beginning, engagement/wedding/belly/baby/family/baby/family/baby

It is my goal to have you keep coming back…..time and time again.
Not only becasue you love the pictures but becasue you love the experience!

We shoot 90% of our sessions at the barebonestudio. It is 25 acres of Puslinch countryside.

There are so many nooks and crannies to be photographed there is always something new.

Things you may not know about me:

I am a lover of cheese, good books and recently authored a book myself.
The Barefoot Medium : letting spirit in one step at a time. It  became a best seller on launch day. That is right….I’m a photographer, a mother to a 5 year old super hero, a wife, a puppy lover and a medium. Check out my other super power here.