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Since Henry was born I feel I have neglected Sophie and Olive. Not only in posting but also at home.

I love them to bits. And when Henry gets older they will be great companions for him.

Sophie already loves him…….licks this toes non stop. Olive  on the other hand has no idea what to do with him.

And just so you don’t forget…… are Sophie (Frenchbulldog) and Olive (Olde English Bulldogge)



I took these pictures just before Henry was born.



One of my this years couples Andreea and Jeff and their friend Megan. Brought their dogs out to the studio for a barebonepet session.

Here are the results:

The three amigo’s








Maya shaking it off……


Love this light!




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Sophie ( little french bulldog) and Olive ( big olde english bulldog ) and my two fur babies……I love them and I love taking pictures of them.

Here are some of the most recent.




LOVE this shot of Olive…….so serious!


Maggie and Rafal came out to the bareboneproperty for a portrait one afternoon in Aug.

Here are some of their images.





Olive the clown.



Sophie the princess.



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Have a great weekend!

What is the best gift ever?

A photo shoot from barebonephoto of course!

Now you can go online and purchase gift certificates for your favorite friend or family member!

Just go to and click on “The Store”.


If you are interested but have more questions feel free to contact us at

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Yesterday I had the opportunity to second shoot for another photographer. And I loved it!

It gave me the freedom to try new things and shoot from angle that I wouldn’t get when I’m the main shooter.

Christine from Click photography was brave enough to let me shoot along side her.

Here is an image I am in love with!


I’ll post more shortly.

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May 04, 2009
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What do I do on weekends?

Hang out with really huge dogs!

The Great Dane-a-thon is held every year in Cambridge to help the Danes in Distress.

Our friends Dave and Nichole asked us to come out and support. So we did  and I brought my camera…….of course!

Here are some pictures from the event!





This one is Daisy the Black Lab trying to fit in!


And Skye her sister not knowing what to do with all the giant dogs……..she was one of the smaller ones there!



Here is a sneak……this is Skye.


Hello loyal Blog followers and New visitors!

I just wanted to add a quick note.

My email is sick. For some reason I can get it on my iphone. But when it comes to my computers….no go.

So if my email replies seems short and to the point it is because I’m replying on a miniature keyboard!

So until I get it fixed…….expect my emails to be brief! :)

Oh and because my blog can never be without a picture. Here is one of my most recent favorites of Olive!