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It was pretty close but #1 won by 4 votes! Ryan and Jessica congratulations you won the 11×14 print of your choice!

OK everyone it is voting time! If you were at Rachel and Chris’s wedding then you were aware that there was a competition for the best photobooth picture. I’ve narrowed it down to the five below and you get to vote for the winner. The winner get’s an 11×14 print of their choice. Get your friends and family in on the vote. You did not have to attend to vote! To leave a vote just add a comment below for your favorite image.

Image #1

bbp14245 barebonebooth  WINNER!!!!


bbp14244 barebonebooth  WINNER!!!!

Image #3

bbp14243 barebonebooth  WINNER!!!!


bbp14242 barebonebooth  WINNER!!!!

Image #5

bbp14241 barebonebooth  WINNER!!!!

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Rachel and Chris booked me for their wedding three months before the actual event! And I knew the moment I met them that their wedding would be unique.

From the ceremony held in a spiral, under a willow tree. To the reception in a barn. every detail about this wedding was unique to them.

They even the requested a barebonebooth ( more on this later!). I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Rachel the stunning bride in a hall way at the Walper Terrace

bbp13620 Rachel+Chris o8.22.o9 ~ Shakespeare

The usual suspects………

bbp13666 Rachel+Chris o8.22.o9 ~ Shakespeare

I LOVE this one……so much energy!

bbp13652 Rachel+Chris o8.22.o9 ~ Shakespeare

The boys……so serious!

bbp13787 Rachel+Chris o8.22.o9 ~ Shakespeare

Who knew the Waterloo town square could look so good!

bbp13754 Rachel+Chris o8.22.o9 ~ Shakespeare

A great moment after the ceremony.

bbp13431 Rachel+Chris o8.22.o9 ~ Shakespeare

The venue in Shakespeare.

bbp13614 Rachel+Chris o8.22.o9 ~ Shakespeare

A fireworks tribute to his brother…………

bbp13545 Rachel+Chris o8.22.o9 ~ Shakespeare

My favorite picture from the barebonebooth…….yes that is me lifting the groom! Were going to have more images from the booth tomorrow. Come back and vote for your favorite image then!

DSF9372 Rachel+Chris o8.22.o9 ~ Shakespeare

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