Tanya and Mat were married in Lambeth at the Main Street Manor.

It was a simply elegant affair.

 dsc9306 Tanya+Mat o9.15.o7

 dsc8893 Tanya+Mat o9.15.o7

 dsc9105 Tanya+Mat o9.15.o7

Congrats Mat and Tanya!

Hello Everyone,
Just wanted to let you all know that I am sans a computer for the next couple of days.
I only have access to email when I can get into my favorite Hotspot at the Mellville cafe.

So reply’s to you emails may be slow for the next week.

If you want to get a hold of me pronto you can reach me at 519.651.7708

Sad and computerless


Jamie and Russell were married at a very intimate ceremony @ Verses in Waterloo.

Here are some images captured on their day.

 dsc7666 Jamie+Russell o8.31.o7

 dsc7527 Jamie+Russell o8.31.o7

 dsc7494 Jamie+Russell o8.31.o7

The Cake Box did an amazing job of the cake.

 dsc7181 Jamie+Russell o8.31.o7

 dsc7887 Jamie+Russell o8.31.o7

Jamie and Russell Thank you for allowing me to document your day.

 dsc8367 copy What have I been up to?

Hello everyone.

Bill and I recently took a great holiday to Jordan Station. We stayed at the Jordan House

We went to a ton of wineries. Relaxed and ate some good food.

eb What have I been up to?

This picture of Bill and I was taken at the Flat Rock Winery near Jordan.

We also really loved the Tawse Winery and Fielding Estate Winery.

em What have I been up to?

Bill took this picture of me and I thought hey…….it’s not that bad!

 dsc9655 4 What have I been up to?

Some of the wine we bought!

I think we may be making this into a yearly getaway!


Well I thought it had been too long since I had posted about Sophie and Olive.

They both give me so much love every day. They sit beside me as we speak.

They are my sanity keepers. Even though Olive has tried my patience during the house training period.

For those of you who don’t know my two little angels. Sophie is the little black French Bulldog and
Olive is the brindle Old English Bulldoggee. dsc7129 My Girls Sophie and Olive

I still can’t belive I got them to stay still!

 dsc7103 My Girls Sophie and Olive

Sleeping in the studio

 dsc7131 My Girls Sophie and Olive

I’ve known Maggie for quite awhile now and it was an honor to document her wedding day.

Rain pored down during the ceremony @ St. Clements Church in Preston. I thought we would be shooting inside for sure.

But Maggie and Jay decided a little rain wasn’t going to dampen their spirits.
We started things at the Griss Mill in Blair where we did most of the “Formals”. And ended up at a concrete factory near Rosedale.
Here are some of the shots:

Maggie all dolled up!

mj7 Maggie+Jay 25.o8.07

mj1 Maggie+Jay 25.o8.07

The Groom

mj4 Maggie+Jay 25.o8.07

mj5 Maggie+Jay 25.o8.07

mj6 Maggie+Jay 25.o8.07

How I love my Jesh De Rox Textures!

mj3 Maggie+Jay 25.o8.07

Maggie and Jay Congrats. I had a blast with you guys on saturday. Thanks for giving me the time to do my thing!

Can’t wait for you to see the rest of the pictures!