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So If I said I would call you this week……sorry I’m a bit behind.

As soon as it’s back up you will get a call.

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07.02.2008 Reading 911

So for the past couple of months I have been working on a calendar shoot.

It is for the Waterloo Public Library.

We photographed emergency workers reading to children in a ton of fun locations.

They will be selling them at both WPL branches (Main 35 Albert Street, McCormick 500 Parkside Drive)

Pick one up today!

Sneak Peak:

calendarcover Reading 911

chrisernstfamily2 copy Reading 911

proof 6 copy copy Reading 911

wpl 608 copy Reading 911

Christine-Guy-Hopkins was the mastermind behind the overall look and theme.

Check out her site @

I’d also like to Mention Sandi Hall the Webmaster, Publicity & Promotions guru at The
Waterloo Public Library. Without her we wouldn’t have had great models and fun books to read.

Thanks for making this such an fun and rewarding shoot guys!

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cuba Photo of the Week Emma

This is one of my favorite images from a workshop I took in Cuba.

I shot this with my good old F100 and Fuji Provia 400 I miss cross processing the old way! I haven’t manipulated the image at all this is strait out of the camera! ( mourning the loss of my film days! )

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img 3263 shoecleaner Photo of the Week Lisa

This shot was taken by Lisa (our newest edition) on her trip to india last year.

She was attending and shooting a friend’s wedding.

Keep an eye out for some very cool wedding shots!

So I’ve had this little business called barebonephoto for 7 years.

And from the beginning I had always wanted to hire a second shooter.

It took 7 years but I finally found the right person.

Lisa is a little fire ball! With enough energy and enthusiasm for 10 people, she blew my socks off.

Her photography has grown so much in the past year that I would be a fool not to hire her.

So this is her official introduction.

Lisa looking smokin!

smokinhot Introducing Lisa Kwan the newest edition to barebonephoto!

Lisa will be my official second shooter this year. Every wedding barebonephoto covers Lisa will be there to cover it along side me.

She has graduated from the bag carrying and reflector aiming assistant to a full fledged photographer.

Here are some of her amazing shots from our last wedding together!

The Bride-Sarah

img 7983 Introducing Lisa Kwan the newest edition to barebonephoto!

Lisa took this images while I photographed Jim+Sarah!

img 8068 2 Introducing Lisa Kwan the newest edition to barebonephoto!

The groom-Jim

img 7573 Introducing Lisa Kwan the newest edition to barebonephoto!

And I just love this shot! Headless groomsmen!

img 7480 Introducing Lisa Kwan the newest edition to barebonephoto!

One more shot of Lisa

We had fun Saturday afternoon taking pictures of each other. This shot was taken in a carpark in uptown Waterloo!

smokinhot2 Introducing Lisa Kwan the newest edition to barebonephoto!

So now I just have to convince Lisa to shoot weddings by herself………….

Also we are starting a new portion to the blog “photo of the week”.

Lisa and I will be posting some of our favorite photo here so keep an eye out for that too.

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Ashley and Blake will be married in 2009 at Rebel Creek Golf Course

Even though there were some nerves at the beginning , we still go some great shots.
 dsf9142 copy Ashley + Blake portrait

 dsf9091 copy Ashley + Blake portrait

This is the dock where Blake asked Ashley to marry him.
 dsf9005 copy Ashley + Blake portrait

dscf9724 copy Ashley + Blake portrait

We had fun….and Ashley don’t worry….I’ll bring a bottle of wine, my treat!