{ I started writing this blog post back in January……….and I wanted to talk about my depression as I always do. But I struggled. Because for once in my life, I wasn’t depressed. Yep I said it out loud. I’m happy. For real…….as in I’m not Fu$&ing with you. I truly have not one single solitairy negative thought in my head. Now there was that one Tuesday in Feb…….but I quickly got over it. So why did I feel it was necessary to pick back up with this blog post? Well, becasue I know there are hundreds if not thousands or hundreds of thousands of men and women like me that have struggled all their lives with depression. And once in awhile we need to hear a positive story. That is why I decided to carry on with this blog post 7 months later! }

So for the past three years I have joined in on the Let’s Talk about depression day.
And every year I have talked about how depression has effected me over the years.

Every year around this time I am usually in a hibernation state…….I don’t want to talk to anyone….I don’t want to do anything…..I am beyond the angry bear.
And if anyone dare to poke me…….well, lets just say it isn’t pretty.

This year I actually had to be reminded about the Let’s talk day.
For the first time in what feels like over 20 years……I haven’t had one single sign of depression.
And when I realized that it was the biggest victory of my life!
Now I am under no illusion that it won’t return or rear it’s ugly head again. As I have mentioned before (here) depression has come and gone for most of my life.

But I think there is a key to this years success.
Oh I know, I could hear the groans as  I wrote that.

When I first started my weekly meditation class two years ago, I’ll be honest. While everyone else was in meditation bliss….I was making grocery lists in my head and going over what I did wrong that day. For weeks I couldn’t slow my mind down enough to get where everyone else was going. And I will also say…..some of those meditations are pretty out there “your in a bubble……and your floating…..flying high”. I wasn’t quite sure it was for me. But I persevered.

And then one day…..I got it. I really truly shut off my mind and nothing……crap I wasn’t meditating I had just fallen asleep! Seriously…..it happened several times icon smile Happyness.......what is that????

Then a couple weeks later I was able to get past the falling asleep and fall into the journey.
For me meditation is about allowing the right thoughts to come through. It’s not about that constant conversation you have in your head…….but about letting go.

I was able to stop thinking enough that I shut of the part of me that has self doubt/low self esteem/anxiety/uncontrollable sadness.

Now I have fallen in love with it.
One of my favorites is Deepak Chopra’s 21 day meditations. They are FREE an happen every couple of months.
You can find more information here.

The reason I love his meditations is because he always introduces them with a great thought or idea. Then you meditate to music ( no one telling you you are light as a feather ) and then he ends them with another thought or idea.

I can honestly say…….beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am the happiest I have ever been.
Now life isn’t perfect. I’m running at a speed these days that I never thought possible and my calendar looks like Swiss cheese. But I am happy.
I truly feel like I have finally becoming the person I have always wanted to be.
Confident. Happy. Me.

And that is all I ever needed………………

Screen Shot 2014 05 21 at 10.36.57 PM Happyness.......what is that????

RachelZvi blogboard Rachel+Zvi barebonewedding ~ Toronto, Ontario Wedding Photographer

First of all….when a bride says ” I booked this room just for you…….I know it’s one of your colors.” I melt. Rachel + Zvi must be one of my most laid back…….unique couples I have ever had the pleasure of photographing.
Their wedding oozed personality. From the Fluvog shoes to the purple velvet jacket, their details make me swoon. Every single thing Rachel was wearing had meaning. A dress from The Brides Project , gloves and fur wrap from her grand mother. The list goes on, too many to mention. It was a photographers dream. From the getting ready at the Ivy to the ceremony and reception at my favorite venue the Enoch Turner…….every where you looked there was the opportunity to capture amazing images.

RachelZvi blogboard2 Rachel+Zvi barebonewedding ~ Toronto, Ontario Wedding Photographer
See what I mean………..Even the chuppah was an heirloom!

RachelZvi blogboard3 Rachel+Zvi barebonewedding ~ Toronto, Ontario Wedding Photographer

Thank you Rachel+Zvi not only for the opportunity to get to know you and photograph you, but also for the extremely thoughtful gift of my favorite novel in limited edition print.

Reception Location ~ Enoch Turner Schoolhouse

Caterer ~ 10tation Event Catering

Officiant ~ Cantor Deborah Staiman

Florist ~ ecostems

Gown Designer ~ Purchased from The Brides Project (an amazing  charity)

Formal Wear Designer ~ Garrison Bespoke

Band ~ Parkside Drive

Custom fascinator (incorporating Bride’s grandmother’s antique brooch) designed just for Rachel by Karyn Gingras

Hair ~ Violet Volovik and friends, of Bob and Paige Salonz

Makeup ~ Katie Huang

Bride’s shoes ~ Fluevog

Custom jewellery (bride’s necklace and grooms cufflinks) ~ Jenny Greco

BlogFooter NEW1 Rachel+Zvi barebonewedding ~ Toronto, Ontario Wedding Photographer

Gillian blogboard1 Gillian belly+baby MatteoGillian and David are barebonelifers……….all thier major events have been captured by us.
We love them. Like family.
So we were excited when they called us about another belly shoot.

They came on a chilly night……we opened the outdoor studio and it was chilly…..but this family of three, soon to be four were troopers.
And the results are stunning. I love this session.

Gillian blogboard2 Gillian belly+baby Matteo

Matteo such a cutie pie.
Your big sister loves you so much!
And your parents are the greatest.

Matteo blogboard11 Gillian belly+baby Matteo

Matteo blogboard2 Gillian belly+baby Matteo
Thanks again Del Duca  family for trusting the documentation of your family to us.


BlogFooter NEW1 Gillian belly+baby Matteo

SummerMiniSessions2014 secondsm Summer Mini Sessions at the barebonestudio! Cambridge + Guelph portrait photographer

We have just a couple of spots left at our Summer Mini Sessions!

Email us ASAP to grab your spot – info@barebonephoto.com – we can’t wait to see you!

For full details and more info on the sessions click here.


BlogFooter NEW1 Summer Mini Sessions at the barebonestudio! Cambridge + Guelph portrait photographer

BareboneBasicWorkshop2014 barebonebasic Workshop Date announced! ~ Photography Workshops

This has been in the works for a while, but we finally have our next barebonebasic workshop date scheduled!

This time we’re offering two group sessions – a morning session for kids aged 8 to 16, and an afternoon session for the grown-ups.

This is a group workshop for the basics of DSLR photography where we’ll cover all of the basics and have a ton of fun doing it. Bring a few friends if you’d like, or come on your own… it will be an afternoon of good times and a crash course in digital photography basics.

Everyone walks away with a fun little field guide that will fit right in your camera bag!

Sunday, June 22, 2014 at the barebonestudio

DSLR camera { DSLR = digital single lens reflex } and basic working knowledge of your camera { you can turn it on and find your settings menu }.

To book your spot (spaces are limited), contact us at info@barebonephoto.com or call the studio at 519.841.7840. See you there!


BlogFooter NEW1 barebonebasic Workshop Date announced! ~ Photography Workshops

AshleyTeddy blogboard Ashley+Teddy barebonewedding ~ Toronto Wedding Photographer

Elegant and fun, not two word that usually go together. But for this wedding it was certainly the case! Ashley and Teddy’s wedding was the most elegant and fun wedding of the year.  How could it not be elegant when the venue is the Royal York Hotel. Boys in bow ties and fur stoles all added to the sophistication. Everywhere I looked there was something stunning to shoot.

AshleyTeddy blogboard2 Ashley+Teddy barebonewedding ~ Toronto Wedding Photographer

AshleyTeddy blogboard3 Ashley+Teddy barebonewedding ~ Toronto Wedding Photographer

Thank you Ashley and Teddy for choosing me to document this amazing night.

BlogFooter NEW1 Ashley+Teddy barebonewedding ~ Toronto Wedding Photographer