BBP2875 Bianca + Jake barebonelove

To say that I am in love with this series of images from Bianca and Jake’s barebonelove session would be the understatement of the year.

When I arrived for their engagement session at their home in Kitchener the skies looked foreboding. Minutes after I started shooting…….I thought we may have to head for the basement. It was torrential. But Bianca and Jake’s amazing style saved the day. It was a dream to shoot in their stunning home.BiancaJake blogboard Bianca + Jake barebonelove

Jake looks like he is right out of a GQ magazine in this shot!

BBP3560 Bianca + Jake barebonelove

Bianca and Jake were married this past weekend at the Thompson Hotel in Toronto……… was breathtaking.
Head on over to the Facebook page for a sneak peak of their wedding images.


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