Thank you for being so supportive.

Like I said in my blog about my post postpartum……..I have the best job and the best clients.
But I didn’t realize how amazing my clients and friends were until I bared my soul. I have never received so many emails and Facebook messages in my life.

Many of you reviled that not only had you struggled….but went through a very similar situation.

Which made me realize…..we all have dark days. We all have moments of weakness and despair. We are NOT ALONE!!!!!

I think this message was enough to kick my ass……get my head out of the water long enough to realize that I have a good life. I have people that love me. A home which I love and a career that makes my heart sing. I needed your support to get out of this….and for that I will forever be greatful

Now I have a favor to ask. If you are suffering from depression…….or just having a bad day….sing it from the rooftops!!!!

I had people tell me that if I went public with this I would become know as the “depressed” photographer and that saddened me. I want to live in a world where depression and just general malaise isn’t a taboo……..we all have struggles in our lives….why do we hide them? We are made stronger by them.

Speak about it. Tell your friends your family…..your clients….your neighbor…..the more we speak….the more normal all this will become and maybe we can save someone that didn’t need to dive  deep into the cave of darkness. Chenin Boutwell, a woman I admire greatly. Recently wrote a brutally honest post on one of her blogs Fudge Banana Swirl. It was amazing to not feel alone.

THANK YOU again….. for you saved me from that downward spiral.  I couldn’t have gone there……because I have a son and an amazing family and group of friends that I need to love with all my heart. And that is just what I will do from this day forward……love the people that love me….with all my heart.

That being said…….here is a picture of my heart and soul….Henry aka Hanky Pank.

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